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'Lefty, just hurry up and take the damn picture.'

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'A small group of entrepreneurs who develop and deliver services which help Network Marketers build better businesses.'

(That's where we're headed with Network Marketing Ventures.)

I've titled this '49er', hoping that what's below is relevant.

Perhaps it is. Maybe it's not. Either way…

#1 Begin with a history lesson?

In the 1849 gold-rush, lured by the dream of wealth (and the consequent life of leisure), people flocked to California hoping to strike it rich.

Sometimes literally expecting to pick-up gold from the ground…

Most of these 'forty-niners' didn't get what they expected.

Few of 'em got rich.

Gold there was… but finding it required backbreaking work, in competition with thousands of other increasingly-desperate fortune seekers.

Fortunes were made, but rarely by those digging for gold in the heat of the sun.

Mostly, those who made the big money were the ones who sold the tools and supplies (picks, shovels, food, provisions, etcetera) to the miners.

No infrastructure existed to support so many people… that was the real opportunity, recognized by those who prospered.

Lesson here is, of course, 'If you want to make money in a gold rush, sell picks and shovels.'

#2 Fast-forward to today.

'When there's a gold rush, sell picks and shovels' still stands.

But the picks and shovels have become information, services and systems.

And the numbers have grown.

Rather than thousands, there's now millions of people worldwide digging for gold in a variety of Network Marketing opportunities.

It's a 'big-billion' business.

#3 And that's where we come in…

Metaphorically, we have picks.

Shovels, too. Some mules.

And tents, jeans, blankets, cook-pots and a variety of other paraphernalia useful and essential to modern-day 49ers Network Marketers.

They're the foundation of a potentially successful commercial venture.

Whatever. Let's move on before we all nod-off from boredom.

10-9-8-7-6-5… etcetera.

In 2018, we're launching several market serving-and-expanding initiatives.

Good, sensible stuff.

Very useful. And much-needed.

#4 Here's where it gets interesting…

This is something in which you can share… by becoming, literally, 'a part of us'.

We're inviting participation, as either a passive financial investment and/or work-based activity.

It'll require a moderately-small (from just $100) financial investment. (We'll explain that later.)

[Actually, it might not require any money… we've 'sweat-equity' options too.]


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