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Can you dig it?

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We want to be an honest and generous operation, authentic and human-in-a-good-way.

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'We respect you. You trust us.'

Although it may sound hooey, being good and decent is important to us, running through everything we do.

'Friendly, helpful' and 'make money' aren't mutually exclusive.

Our ethos is clear and simple…

Business doesn't have to be as impersonal, dull, inauthentic and unethical as it often is… great enterprise is built upon integrity, intelligence and energy.

And of course, you have to have fun doing what you're doing… in a relatively natural and satisfying way that respects others, and doesn't require working crushing hours just to add zeros to a bank balance.

With that in mind, we like to be friendly, collaborate rather than compete, and charge less than we could. (Of course, this may be a tad too utopian.)

As much as is possible within a business context, we want to build genuine, personal, and natural connections.

Treating others as we like to be treated ourselves… nobody will be considered a 'prospect', to be potentially manipulated with clever marketing ploys so we can get money from them.

My simplistic view is that there's two distinct types of commercial enterprise…

Those which elicit a smile, and those which don't.

(And I'm clear on which of 'em I want this business to be.)

If we had a creed, it'd be simple and unambiguously clear:

Be honest. Be open. Be bold. Treat people decently.

And this isn't something we'll compromise for a quick buck to make our lives easier.


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