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What, how, and why. Etcetera.

With any business there's always useful-to-know things which don't get fully covered in the main flow, and for which another mention along with some elaboration and explanation is helpful.

So, with an informal tone, that's what we'll do here… adding detail and perspective to what we're doing.

As a key element of being authentic and transparent, we're outlining our behind-the-scenes thinking and the underlying reasoning to things.

Additionally, we'll anticipate potential questions and answer them before they're asked, along with mentioning other appropriate points.

Each note should increase understanding, thus helping to build better commercial relationships with anyone who's interested.

And some stuff will appear here before being added to the main pages of the site.

  • We'll try to keep 'em short, but to help reduce potential misunderstanding we'd rather say too much than too little… so it may get a little chatty at times. (Those who're disinterested can simply stop reading, and to us that's better than having someone else still wondering.)
  • Likely it'll not all be relevant, at times inappropriately raising and/or dwelling on relatively inconsequential issues. And we'll probably forget to mention something pertinent, so if you've questions please ask.
  • They won't be regular; this isn't a blog where we're trying to develop an audience by providing a daily dose for feedback and comment, so we'll add stuff as it arises (often a few at a time).

There's some useful and important stuff to cover, some of which should be here sooner rather than later… so we'll get that sorted and quickly add a flurry of stuff before attracting visitors.

Whatever. None of this is intended to be of Moses-and-stone significance, and simply covers useful-to-know stuff that didn't readily fit elsewhere, and about which we've already been asked or are likely to be.

So, read 'em if you want and don't if you don't; it's just perspective-setting info on what we're doing.

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