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'One site to rule them all?' (No, of course not!)

The outline for this project is…

'The go-to place for all-things NM.'

A 'destination' (portal) site, it'll contain a huge amount of news/reference/other information (and links to other sites).

Intended to sit firmly at the top of Google-searches, this is 'a big one'.

Ambitious? Of course. Absurdly so. (But you can't shrink your way to greatness, so this is no time to be coy.)

'Destination' (portal) sites are those which people often visit first, because of the huge amount of information therein (usually with many jump-off-point links to other sites).

The first stop for those interested in a particular topic or range of topics, they're appealing because they provide quick-and-easy access to relevant info.

There's never been one for NM. So we'll build it.

It's a complex project, so, in the next week-or-so we'll put-together an interim site with outline detail, and probably some crowdfunding-type options.

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